Who said Blind Lake?

Single “Walk beside me”

“‘Walk Beside Me’ is an odd combination of genres that manages to overcome their disparity and become something wonderfully affecting and distinctive.”
Joshua Pickard – Nooga.com

Eerie. Atmospheric melodies and synths are layered together energetically under prominent vocals until it all breaks into an upbeat full swing.
Magnet Magazine

Blind Lake seems less interested in making synth-pop singles than in making psychedelic, ambient and, yes, synth-pop soundtracks for contemporay film noirs that exist only in their and their listeners minds.

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Single release today “Walk Beside Me”

BÖSTE, Sweden (March 3, 2015) – Swedish duo, Blind Lake, releases the debut single “Walk Beside Me” off their upcoming album, On earth, due out June 9 on Margit Music. An electronic hymn that slides into a dark disco beat, it is a symbol for anyone who has loved and lost. The song delivers a sense of catharsis for the anger and angst that comes with losing a loved one too soon while serving as a reminder that even in the darkest times there is space to discover light.

“Walk Beside Me” chronicles the time frontman Måns Wieslander spent driving back and forth to the countryside to see his brother in the last weeks of his life. A universal theme of life and death, love and loss, it reflects the idea of having someone by your side even through the tough times and demonstrates you are not alone and as much as you need me… I need you too.

Lotta Wenglén and Wieslander open the song with reverent harmonies and angelic instrumentals reflecting a slow moving dream state associated with watching someone close to you fade away. As the tempo steadily climbs, it explodes into a disco beat representative of somebody shaking up the funeral party. Wieslander’s rich baritone brings to mind David Bowie circa “Let’s Dance” as he sings “We were driving every day across the meadows and fields / to see you lying on a couch, your eyes the color of thieves in heaven.” Wieslander says, “The dying man which the song is about would´ve loved to dance to it, had he lived.”

Blind Lake author speaks

Blind Lake author Robert Charles Wilson has noticed our New Wave Pop/Sci-fi Folk duo!
On his facebook page he writes: “I love it when musicians notice my work. It happened a few years ago with Taiwanese rock guitarist Wu Bai, who said his album “Spacebomb” was partially inspired by SPIN. (A great album, actually.) And today I found out there’s a Swedish duo who call themselves Blind Lake, after my novel of the same name. From the review site below you can follow a link to a song from their forthcoming album, which I’ll have to get my hands on somehow. The band has a Facebook page: soon as I post this I’ll drop by and give them a like.”

robert charles wilson on facebook