Praise for Blind Lake

Praise for Blind Lake

“In ‘Walk beside Me,’ the song flows among different personalities, but it does so in a seamless, carefully considered manner.”
[4/14/15]—Indie Obsessive

“An eerily atmospheric track comprised of plaintive harmonies, gently undulating synths and swirling electronics… It’s a trippy, ethereal and slickly produced song that manages to have a much deeper message hidden within its funk.”
[3/27/15]—William Helms – The Joy of Violent Movement

“Later, like all the best memorials it builds into something that finds catharsis through a celebration of life and energy or, as on this occasion, a bouncy disco beat and string swirls.”
[3/20/15]—Neil – Record Rewind Play

“Atmospheric melodies and synths are layered together energetically under prominent vocals until it all breaks into an upbeat full swing.”

“Synth-pop soundtracks for contemporary film noirs that exist only in their and their listeners minds.” [3/3/15]—KDHX

“‘Walk Beside Me’ is an odd combination of genres that manages to overcome their disparity and become something wonderfully affecting and distinctive.” [2/27/2015] —Joshua Pickard –