Video and single premiere today!


BÖSTE, Sweden (May 4, 2015)–Blind Lake releases “Lately” from their upcoming album, On Earth, due out June 9, 2015. This warm breeze of west coast folk-soul showcases ones change in life after a recent divorce. The rich acoustic touch conveys the image of something soft and slow on a busy highway, while band members Lotta Wenglén and Måns Wieslander harmonize in an up close, semi-detached angelic tone. “Lately,” is quoted by the group as the “feel-good song of the album.”

Divorce and moving on are the main themes and motives behind the song. The track carries a rural Bryan Ferry/Dusty Springfield elegance, with echoes of a stripped down Wilco. “I´ve got myself a pair of slippery hands, nothing to hold on to,” describes Wenglén, singing about the recent divorce. The bands preference for long, warm CSNY harmonies is paired with an odd but perfectly appropriate synth/guitar solo, drawing the listener in for the melancholic uplifting coda of the song.

“We recorded the percussion and backing vocals together to be sure we wouldn’t miss any golden moments or brilliant mistakes,” mentioned Wenglén on the recording process. ”The bass was never really sure what the guitars were doing. And Wenglén’s turtle, Harry, had a Johnny Thunders moment during the recording of the lead vocals. “He can be heard falling down the stairs at the end of the song”, Wieslander added.   “Lately” is best played while driving on a slightly wet road on a late summers night while deep thinking

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