New Single “Smoke Rose Up” Out July 1, 2022!

The uneventful time of 2020, gave Blind Lake the power to start recording new material. A material that has now been formed into a forceful EP and where we now present the first single “Smoke Rose Up”.

In this new production, the electronics from the previous album have given way to nylon strings, piano and harmonica. An alternate reality somewhere between Bill Callahan & Gillian Welch. The duo relies with good self-confidence on their built-in groove and intertwined vocals. At the end of the song Hendrix’s weapon bearer Mitch Mitchell reappears in the form of drummer Conny Städe (First Aid Kit, Staffan Hellstrand, Olle Ljungström). The experimental collage of harmonicas is played by Åsa Gustafsson.

“Smoke Rose Up” is a surreal & traditional 7/4 bar country folk song about Moses, gold in the mud and the importance of following your gut feeling “Some days I feel it, the sun, the sea & the ground. Love yourself out of it, dream yourself out of it. ”

Listen here:

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