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David Bowie “Five Years”

Wenglén: I listened to this album constantly as a kid (
The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust). It was like a journey and a perfect soundtrack for me playing with my Action Men. Like The White Album with the Beatles, it kept me listening for details, and with every listen I found something new. I also sampled the drums in the intro for my first demo recordings on my four-channel Tascam porta studio when I was 15. Video

Keene Brothers “Death Of The Party”
Wieslander: Razorsharp jingle-jangle power-pop perfection. I’ve always thought Robert Pollard is at the top of his game when collaborating. Preferably with Doug Gillard! This time, Tommy Keene helps him take it to the next level. I will never tire of this. Video

Yazoo “Too Pieces”
Wieslander: With subtle touches of Abba melancholy, this is a benchmark in making stripped down, heartfelt synth pop. As fresh now as when I first heard it as a 12-year old. Yazoo is part of the Blind Lake constitution. And the kids love them! Video

Amy Correia “Fallen Out Of Love”
Wenglén: I love the lyrics, Amy’s voice and the whole sound of the song. Her songs are like short novels or movies. Video

Kirsty MacColl “A New England”
Wieslander: In the words of Johnny Marr, “She was a fucking Jedi at harmony.” In 2000, she was killed in an accident, 41 years old. I’d like to believe her soul has touched the likes of Neko Case and Star’s Amy Millan; they’ve got some of that “Kirstyness.” Which, I guess, means brilliant, funny and tough, with tons of integrity. Anyway, this is truly beautiful and insanely catchy. Written by Billy Bragg, he added more words to this version, as Kirsty thought the original was too short. Nowadays, he performs the Kirsty version live. Bless him. And her. Video

Wilco “The Lonely 1″
Wenglén: At the time, this was the most beautiful song I’d ever heard. Jeff Tweedy at his best, and the song itself is so touching in its simplicity. Video

Residents “You Yesyesyes”
Wieslander: The sound of your rabid grandmother force-feeding you cookies. With the amazing Snakefinger on guitar and an excellent sax-riff. I fell in love with the Residents (or, the idea of them) and NRBQ (thinking they were the same band) around the peak of my Duran Duran fan-dom. Those were confusing and interesting times. Video

Pretenders “Don’t Get Me Wrong”
Wenglén: This song gets me going every time. “Happiness in a can” type of thing. I just have to pour it down and dance every time I hear it. Video

Herbie Hancock “Spank-A-Lee”
Wieslander: Is it possible to be this funky? Does Mr. Hancock have alien DNA? I’ve seen dead fish shake ass to this. There should be statues of Herbie Hancock in every town. Video

Roxy Music “Avalon”
Wenglén: As a kid, me and my friend Thomas spent hours and hours lying on a Persian rug, listening to this god-like song. The chorus is untouchable. As is Bryan Ferry. Video

Video and single premiere today!


BÖSTE, Sweden (May 4, 2015)–Blind Lake releases “Lately” from their upcoming album, On Earth, due out June 9, 2015. This warm breeze of west coast folk-soul showcases ones change in life after a recent divorce. The rich acoustic touch conveys the image of something soft and slow on a busy highway, while band members Lotta Wenglén and Måns Wieslander harmonize in an up close, semi-detached angelic tone. “Lately,” is quoted by the group as the “feel-good song of the album.”

Divorce and moving on are the main themes and motives behind the song. The track carries a rural Bryan Ferry/Dusty Springfield elegance, with echoes of a stripped down Wilco. “I´ve got myself a pair of slippery hands, nothing to hold on to,” describes Wenglén, singing about the recent divorce. The bands preference for long, warm CSNY harmonies is paired with an odd but perfectly appropriate synth/guitar solo, drawing the listener in for the melancholic uplifting coda of the song.

“We recorded the percussion and backing vocals together to be sure we wouldn’t miss any golden moments or brilliant mistakes,” mentioned Wenglén on the recording process. ”The bass was never really sure what the guitars were doing. And Wenglén’s turtle, Harry, had a Johnny Thunders moment during the recording of the lead vocals. “He can be heard falling down the stairs at the end of the song”, Wieslander added.   “Lately” is best played while driving on a slightly wet road on a late summers night while deep thinking

Praise for Blind Lake

Praise for Blind Lake

“In ‘Walk beside Me,’ the song flows among different personalities, but it does so in a seamless, carefully considered manner.”
[4/14/15]—Indie Obsessive

“An eerily atmospheric track comprised of plaintive harmonies, gently undulating synths and swirling electronics… It’s a trippy, ethereal and slickly produced song that manages to have a much deeper message hidden within its funk.”
[3/27/15]—William Helms – The Joy of Violent Movement

“Later, like all the best memorials it builds into something that finds catharsis through a celebration of life and energy or, as on this occasion, a bouncy disco beat and string swirls.”
[3/20/15]—Neil – Record Rewind Play

“Atmospheric melodies and synths are layered together energetically under prominent vocals until it all breaks into an upbeat full swing.”

“Synth-pop soundtracks for contemporary film noirs that exist only in their and their listeners minds.” [3/3/15]—KDHX

“‘Walk Beside Me’ is an odd combination of genres that manages to overcome their disparity and become something wonderfully affecting and distinctive.” [2/27/2015] —Joshua Pickard – Nooga.com

Who said Blind Lake?

Single “Walk beside me”

“‘Walk Beside Me’ is an odd combination of genres that manages to overcome their disparity and become something wonderfully affecting and distinctive.”
Joshua Pickard – Nooga.com

Eerie. Atmospheric melodies and synths are layered together energetically under prominent vocals until it all breaks into an upbeat full swing.
Magnet Magazine

Blind Lake seems less interested in making synth-pop singles than in making psychedelic, ambient and, yes, synth-pop soundtracks for contemporay film noirs that exist only in their and their listeners minds.

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Single release today “Walk Beside Me”

BÖSTE, Sweden (March 3, 2015) – Swedish duo, Blind Lake, releases the debut single “Walk Beside Me” off their upcoming album, On earth, due out June 9 on Margit Music. An electronic hymn that slides into a dark disco beat, it is a symbol for anyone who has loved and lost. The song delivers a sense of catharsis for the anger and angst that comes with losing a loved one too soon while serving as a reminder that even in the darkest times there is space to discover light.

“Walk Beside Me” chronicles the time frontman Måns Wieslander spent driving back and forth to the countryside to see his brother in the last weeks of his life. A universal theme of life and death, love and loss, it reflects the idea of having someone by your side even through the tough times and demonstrates you are not alone and as much as you need me… I need you too.

Lotta Wenglén and Wieslander open the song with reverent harmonies and angelic instrumentals reflecting a slow moving dream state associated with watching someone close to you fade away. As the tempo steadily climbs, it explodes into a disco beat representative of somebody shaking up the funeral party. Wieslander’s rich baritone brings to mind David Bowie circa “Let’s Dance” as he sings “We were driving every day across the meadows and fields / to see you lying on a couch, your eyes the color of thieves in heaven.” Wieslander says, “The dying man which the song is about would´ve loved to dance to it, had he lived.”