Video: Some kind of dance
Release date: December 12, 2017
This is the first video and song from the forthcoming new album due 2018


Single: Cookie
Release date: August 19, 2016
This is the fourth single from the album “On Earth” and it includes a remastered version of the song and a remix by GRENWERK
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BÖSTE, Sweden (August 19, 2016)– Blind Lake releases a remastered version of “Cookie” from album “On Earth”, that was released June 9, 2015.
In this suggestively produced song based on a beat with toms and percussion the duo sings about the last desperate efforts from two people in a relationship gone bad and the resignation that follows when you know that you have reached the end of the line. The hopelessness that rises within when standing over a bottomless abyss of sorrow. The longing for a kind word or a friendly stroke from a person that you once loved.
Skåne based GRENWERK made the “Cookie” remix” that is included in this digitally released single

Single: Tears On Your Collar
Release date: April 8, 2016
This is the third single from the album “On Earth” and it includes a remastered version of the song and a remix by Moonbabies
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Singeln ”Tears On Your Collar” är från duon Blind Lake´s album ”On Earth” som släpptes förra året. Låten är som en sorts skev och oroväckande avskedsdans i dur där tramporgeln och mungigan blandas med en bordus och distad bas. På toppen ligger ett glättigt klockspel som ger en känsla av den lätthet som kan infinna sig efter att en börda lyfts från ens axlar. När en konstaterat det definitiva slutet på en relation och det är dags att gå vidare.

Texten i ”Tears On Your Collar” beskriver upplevelsen av lättnad och sorg efter en skilsmässa. En avskedskram, de sista tårarna på kragen, det oundvikliga slutet efter att kärleken dött.”

Nu är originallåten från albumet remastrad av Moonbabies som även har gjort en remix av denna Yo La Tango-shuffle doftande singel. Moonbabies har doppat den i popsyra och syntbad. Ett, trots låtens tema, lyckligt och egensinnigt giftermål mellan melankoli och eufori.

Den dubbelsidiga singeln släpps digitalt den 8 April 2016 via Margit Music och Border

Album: On earth
Release date: June 9, 2015
This is the Blind Lake debut album released in the US and in Sweden

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Track: Lately
Release date: May 4, 2015
This is the second single out from the forthcoming album “On earth”
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BÖSTE, Sweden (May 4, 2015)–Blind Lake releases “Lately” from their upcoming album, On Earth, due out June 9, 2015. This warm breeze of west coast folk-soul showcases ones change in life after a recent divorce. The rich acoustic touch conveys the image of something soft and slow on a busy highway, while band members Lotta Wenglén and Måns Wieslander harmonize in an up close, semi-detached angelic tone. “Lately,” is quoted by the group as the “feel-good song of the album.”

Divorce and moving on are the main themes and motives behind the song. The track carries a rural Bryan Ferry/Dusty Springfield elegance, with echoes of a stripped down Wilco. “I´ve got myself a pair of slippery hands, nothing to hold on to,” describes Wenglén, singing about the recent divorce. The bands preference for long, warm CSNY harmonies is paired with an odd but perfectly appropriate synth/guitar solo, drawing the listener in for the melancholic uplifting coda of the song.

We recorded the percussion and backing vocals together to be sure we wouldn’t miss any golden moments or brilliant mistakes,” mentioned Wenglén on the recording process. ”The bass was never really sure what the guitars were doing. And Wenglén’s turtle, Harry, had a Johnny Thunders moment during the recording of the lead vocals. “He can be heard falling down the stairs at the end of the song”, Wieslander added.   “Lately” is best played while driving on a slightly wet road on a late summers night while deep thinking.

Track: Walk beside me
Release date: March 3, 2015
This is the first single out from the forthcoming album “On earth”

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BÖSTE, Sweden (March 3, 2015) – Swedish duo, Blind Lake, releases the debut single “Walk Beside Me”   off their upcoming album, On earth, due out June 9 on Margit Music.   An electronic hymn that slides into a dark disco beat, it is a symbol for anyone who has loved and lost. The song delivers a sense of catharsis for the anger and angst that comes with losing a loved one too soon while serving as a reminder that   even in the darkest times there is space to discover light.
“Walk Beside Me” chronicles the time frontman Måns Wieslander spent driving back and forth to the countryside to see his brother in the last weeks of his life. A universal theme of life and death, love and loss, it reflects the idea of   having someone by your side even through the tough times and demonstrates you are not alone and as much as you need me… I need you too.

Lotta Wenglén and Wieslander open the song with reverent harmonies and angelic instrumentals reflecting a slow moving dream state associated with watching someone close to you fade away. As the tempo steadily climbs, it explodes into a   disco beat representative of somebody shaking up the funeral party. Wieslander’s rich baritone brings to mind David Bowie circa “Let’s Dance” as he sings “We were driving every day across the meadows and fields / to see you lying on a couch, your eyes the color of thieves in heaven.” Wieslander says, “The dying man which the song is about would´ve loved to dance to it, had he lived.”




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